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Countdown to My Birth by Julie B. Carr
Formerly titled "Countdown to a Miracle: The Making of Me",
his award-
Countdown to My Birth pregnancy calendar wins Mom's Choice Awardwinning pregnancy countdown calendar is completely written from your baby's point of view!

  • No more technical medical jargon and reading about all the things that can go wrong during pregnancy.
  • Keep everything in perspective and remind yourself daily that you are creating a little miracle. 
  • Discover what is happening each day of your pregnancy from conception to birth.

How does it work?

  • Flip one page a day during your pregnancy 
  • Find out cool facts such as when the heart begins to beat for the first time, when your baby can hear your voice, or when he reaches the length and weight of a hot dog roll. 
  • Track how many days remain until your due date.
  • Write your thoughts or notes each day. 
  • Use the free stickers to mark the first kick, hiccups, and other memorable pregnancy events.

Great idea: Have Dad be in charge of flipping the page each day to make sure he feels included.
Countdown to My Birth  
You can buy the latest version directly from the publisher on Amazon:

Looking for a unique way to break the news to the grandparents-to-be, or just to involve them in the pregnancy? 

Give them with their own copy of 'Countdown to My Birth' and they won't miss a minute of the miracle either! Let them follow the development their grandchild every day whether they live far away or right next door.

Package includes 3 'Countdown to My Birth' calendars - each autographed by the author. Keep one for yourself, and give one for each set of grandparents or anyone else who wants to follow the daily development (total of 3 identical calendars).

Save $5 over purchasing individually. 

Must all be shipped to the same address.

Grandparents Package - 3 Countdown to My Birth pregnancy calendars

"Pregnancy is one of the longest waiting times that a woman experiences, and a daily calendar is one of the best resources you could give to someone you know who has just discovered they are expecting."
Grandparents love it too!

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