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Making Me: the pregnancy activity book for my big brother or sister

Making Me: The Pregnancy Activity Book for My Big Brother or Sister

Making me wins Book of the Year Award 2015

MAKING ME was awarded the 2015 BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD (Childrens Activity Book Category) from Creative Child Magazine!


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Congratulations! You’re pregnant – again! While joyful news, a new baby can cause uncertainty and confusion in the big brother or sister, which is why it is critical to include the older sibling during this life changing nine-month period. Making Me: The Pregnancy Activity Book for My Big Brother or Sister is a great way to do just that. Designed for the 4-12 year old child, this sweet, educational, and entertaining book allows your older child to experience the pregnancy right along with you. There is no better way to bring the whole family together and help the big brother/big sister create an early bond with the baby that will last a lifetime.

If you are a pregnant mom with an older sibling of 4+ years, this is a must have book. You will treasure the memories you make with your child while waiting for the new baby. Perfect for blended families, large families, or any family with an older child.

How does it work?

It's easy and quick! Read just one page (one or two sentences) each day during Mom’s pregnancy. Each page contains:

• A tidbit of information on what is happening to the baby today - written 'from' the baby to the big brother/sister. For example, “Today I am 3 inches long” or “I am as heavy as a basketball.

• A fun, related activity for the sibling to do. For example, “Find something in the house that is 3 inches long” or “See how many times you can dribble a basketball without stopping.” Other activities may include coloring a picture, measuring something in the house, math questions, riddles, journaling, and more.

• A visual countdown to mom's due date with the cool "Countdown Car”.

Includes 4 colored pencils and a 24-inch color measuring tape in an integrated pouch for safekeeping.

Hard cover, 286 pages
SRP $24.95

Pediatrician recommended, child clinical psychologist endorsed.

"Making Me is a creative one-of-a-kind daily calendar that teaches siblings about fetal development in a fun and interactive way." - Jodie Oltmans, MD, Pediatrician

"As a child psychologist, I highly recommend this book to parents who wish to nurture a healthy sibling relationship as early as possible by involving their child in the new baby's development... This book is packed full of engaging, age-appropriate, multi-sensory activities that are perfect for children of all ages."
- Robin Malinosky-Rummell, Ph.D., child clinical psychologist, school psychologist, and author of " Bring Your Own Children: South America! A Family Sabbatical Handbook"

"Just as Countdown to My Birth is a charming way to help expecting mothers form an emotional bond with their unborn child, Making Me is an ingenious way to help older siblings form an emotional bond with their unborn brother or sister.
- Bruce Lansky, author of 100,000+ Baby Names

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