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Reviews for Countdown to My Birth and Making Me: The Pregnancy Activity Book for My Big Brother/Sis

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Thank you so much for the copies of your book [Making Me: The Pregnancy Activity Book for My Big Brother or Sister]. You should be proud of the helpful, adorable, fun product you've created.

- Renee


I just want to let you know how much we have enjoyed your calendar. We got ours as a gift in 2000 and loved it so much that it is our 'standard' gift to expectant friends. We must have ordered over 20 of them. Thanks again.

- Scott (customer email)


Just as Countdown to My Birth is a charming way to help expecting mothers form an emotional bond with their unborn child, Making Me is an ingenious way to help older siblings bond with their unborn brother or sister."

- Bruce Lansky, The Baby Name Guru" and author of 100,000+ Baby Names



"This book is small in size...but will warm a mom's heart and soul to better connect to her precious baby," says Jodie Lynn, author of Mommy-CEO, Revised Edition and syndicated family columnist of Parent to Parent. "It's the making of a miracle and a keepsake forever." (10/3/02)
"The pregnant woman's equivalent of an advent calendar. It's a day-by-day account of how your baby's growing, from conception to birth, in flipbook format - read what's going on in there each day to take your mind off morning sickness!"
- Pregnancy & Birth magazine (April 2001)

Thanks so much for your prompt service. My daughter-in-law really loved the calendar!

- :) Carol
Thank you so much! My wife and I have enjoyed ours tremendously.

- Pat (customer email)

The [Countdown to a Miracle] is a cute little pregnancy calendar that explains the day-by-day development of a fetus. Its pages are filled with wonderful little factoids which explain what is happening to the baby growing within a pregnant mom-to-be. We found it to be handy, interesting, and very helpful. We rated it five hearts.
- Bob Spear, Publisher and Chief Reviewer, Heartland Reviews
"This little book is big on the heart. Preciously sweet, it helps to create an instant bond between mother and her unborn child. There's certainly no book like it that we've found and is absolutely perfect for any new mom-to-be."
- Darcy Volden Miller

"When the pregnant teenage girl entered our clinic, she had no intention of giving up her way of life - she would not stop smoking, drinking, and taking drugs. When all else failed, we gave her a copy of "Countdown to a Miracle: The Making of Me". The very next visit, she had decided that she would stop her harmful behavior - at least until the baby was born. She had been in denial, and this calendar opened her up to taking care of herself, and made the pregnancy real for her."
- Insights Teen Parenting Clinic - Portland, OR


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The "Countdown to a Miracle: The Making of Me" calendar is a must-have for any mom! It is a personal, yet informative tool that all mothers, and even excited fathers, would love and appreciate!!! It allows parents to learn and experience day by day what is going on inside of mom's body, and baby's too. Julie Carr takes pregnancy, already a very exciting situation, to a much deeper level by helping parents chart the growth of their child from conception to birth. You fall in love with your baby the minute you know you are pregnant!

Using the calendar daily is a great way for parents to establish the ever-important bond between parent and child in a nurturing and educational way. It is so exciting to look forward to each phase of development when you have this poignant calendar to guide you through the magical journey. How soul-stirring to get to Week 5/Day 36 "Today is the first day my heart begins to beat and pump blood!"

"Countdown to a Miracle" is an upper, even on the days when mom can barely make it out of the bed from nausea, meanwhile it helps the dads to better understand and support their partners. What a wonderful gift this is for anyone you know who is pregnant! I wish it would have been around when I had my own children!

- Cheryl McClary ,Ph.D., J.D., author of " The Commitment Chronicles "


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